Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is used when there are still natural teeth left. The missing teeth are replaced by this type of denture in an effective and esthetic design using both the soft tissue ridges and teeth to hold them securely in place. This tooth replacement is removable by you, which makes cleaning easier. Because removable partial dentures use teeth and soft tissue for support, you may be given the opportunity to choose a variety of treatment plans. We will discuss these options after a thorough examination of your teeth, soft tissue (gums and cheeks), remaining bone and surrounding anatomy.

Your new teeth will look natural and are made from the most durable materials on the market today. The foundation of the partial denture can be plastic or a combination of plastic and metal. There are different methods used to secure the partial denture in your mouth. Metal clasps are the most common and they may or may not be visible. Where the appearance of metal clasps are not wanted  there are precision attachments that can be used sometimes to hide the partial denture attachments and provide a secure fit. The denture can often be made to fit the existing shape of your teeth, or it may be necessary to alter your remaining teeth. We will indicate which design will be most appropriate for you.